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Sie fror und zitterte am ganzen Körper. Ihr war klar, hier wird sie erfrieren. Sie rieb sich die Hände. Und öffnete die Tür. Raus aus seinem Herzen.

3.11.10 19:07




The reason why I don't talk to you anymore is because I keep telling myself that if you wanted to speak to me, you would!


Sometimes you have to be your own hero!

7.10.10 20:06



"Life changes every minute of every day. You lose friends. You gain friends. You realize your friend wasn’t ever really your friend, and that person you used to hate can make a really good friend. You look for love. You find love. You lose love. You realize all long that you’ve been loved. You laugh. You cry. You laugh so hard that you cry. You do this, you do that. You really wish you hadn’t done that. You then learn from that and are glad that you did. You have your ups. You have your downs. You see good movies. You see bad movies. You wonder if your life is just one big movie. You look at others and wish you were them. You then realize who they are and are glad that you’re you. You love life. You hate life. In the end you just find yourself happy to be living life, no matter what’s thrown at you."




5.9.10 15:39

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