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In the night time when the world is at it's rest.
You will find me. In the place I know the best.
Dancin' shoutin'. Flying to the moon.
Don't have to worry. 'Cause I'll be come back soon.

And we build up castles in the skys and in the sand.
Design our own world ain't nobody understand.
I found myself alive in the palm of your hand.
As long as we are flyin' all this world is ain't got no end.

In the daytime you will find me by your side.
Trying to do my best. Trying to make things right.
When it all turns wrong. There is no flow but mine.
But it won't hit hard. You let me shine.


Liebe zu diesem Lied!
Paul Kalkbrenner - Sky & Sand!




Vielleicht ist es schade, dass dies nun Erinnerungen sind.

Vielleicht aber auch nicht!


We are all waiting for something!

15.6.10 20:19

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